John Cocoris
John CocorisFounder


John T. Cocoris has devoted his life since the early 1970’s to developing the temperament model of behavior. John has a B.A. from Tennessee Temple University, a Masters of Theology (Th.M.) from Dallas Theological Seminary, a Masters in Counseling (M.A.) from Amberton University and a Doctorate in Psychology (Psy. D.) from California Coast University.  John is a licensed counselor in the state of Texas.

John established Profile Dynamics in the early 1980’s to develop and promote the temperament model of behavior for use in business and counseling.  He has been a management consultant since 1984 and has worked with a variety of companies giving seminars for training managers and sales people. John has been interviewed on the radio and has been featured numerous times on COPE, a national cable TV talk show.

John has written many books and manuals about the temperament model including:

  • The Temperament Model of Behavior;
  • Understanding Your Natural Tendencies;
  • Born With A Creative Temperament, The Sanguine-Melancholy (I/C);
  • 7 Steps To A Better You, How To Develop Your Natural Tendencies;
  • Discover  Your Child’s Temperament, Born With Natural Tendencies;
  • A Therapist’s Guide to The Temperament Model of Behavior;
  • How to Supervise Others Using The Temperament Model of Behavior;
  • Effective Selling Using The Temperament Model of Behavior;
  • The DISC II Temperament Profile;
  • The DISC II Temperament Profile User Guide;
  • The DISC 3 Temperament Assessment;
  • The DISC 3 Temperament Assessment User Guide;
  • The DISC Temperament Assessment;
  • The DISC Temperament Assessment User Guide
Sabastian Huynh
Sabastian HuynhFounder


If you think your life is on the line to keep your business running, as a former Chinese Mafia Boss, Sabastian knew exactly what is at stake if he neglected to bring results to his “family business”—another moment to live. You talk about business competition; his competition was literally out to kill him.

After several near death experiences, he was finally saved through imprisonment. It was in prison, away from the chaos that he found what he was passionate about—developing leaders, leaders that give life rather than take it. It was this passion that gave him another chance at life—after a reduced sentence he went back to school and completed his GED, AA in Biblical Studies, Bachelor’s in Human Development and MBA.

He soon found himself at another battlefield, fighting human trafficking, gang violence and social injustice in several Asian countries and in the United States. In this battle he didn’t have his body guards, knives or guns as weapons anymore; rather he relied on the power of conversation—of Fierce Conversations because he knew that this type of violence needed tangible results, not just words or “soft” skills. As one who saw time and moments as truly limited, he only aligned himself to tools that made real impact—that transformed lives not just to entertain.

When he became the CEO and Identity Evangelist for Minus Zero, he took with him the ferocity and urgency from his Mafia experience, the passion and patience from his imprisonment and his knowledge and perseverance from his degrees and used them to ultimately transform leaders and their entire organization. When looking at his title, many are curious about the Identity Evangelist portion, we’ll let you find out for yourself when you meet Sabastian—that passion is best heard in person. Today, Sabastian has enhanced all of his skills by mastering the DISC temperament under the mentorship of Dr. John Cocoris.

“Through years of immersing myself in studying the DISC, I now clearly understand the drivers of my “natural behaviors”, why I had certain urges that others did not. I learned that my differences doesn’t make me less then others, my temperament drives gives me uniqueness to contribute to others.” Sabastian Huynh